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                        The vortex spinning dedi...
                        Cone paper tube
                        Spiral paper tube
                        Paper tube
                        Sanding paper tube
                        Pagoda paper tube
                        Parallel paper tube
                        Air spinning paper tube
        Manager Wang +86-13605341801  
        Manager Zheng +86-13356266366
                        About us

      Founded in 2002, Dezhou Huizhong Paper Industry Co., Ltd. has engaged in the production of paper tube for more than 10 years. The company is situated in East of University Road, Dezhou Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province, China, with 104 State Road in the west, Jingfu Expressway and Jinghu Expressway in the east, Deheng and Debin Expressway in the north, it is easy of access. The company occupies an area of more than 20mu with the plant area of 4500sqm, it owns more than 40 employees.

      At present, the company has eight automatic pagoda paper tube production lines and one spiral tube production line. It engages in the production of various high strength paper tubes, high quality paper tubes, top-ranking paper tubes, the variety includes vortex spinning paper tube, cone paper tube, spiral paper tube, pagoda paper tube, parallel paper tube, yarn tube, high ranking air spinning paper tube, spandex paper tube, chemical fiber paper tube, cotton spinning paper tube, cheese yarn paper tube, napping paper tube, napping pagoda paper tube, sanding paper tube, sanding pagoda paper tube, napping textile paper tube, sanding textile paper tube, napping cotton spinning paper tube, sanding cotton spinning paper tube, napping cheese yarn paper tube, colored paper tube, etc. ?

      Our company owns complete and scientific quality management system. Adhering to the operation philosophy of 'high quality, low price excellent service, reputation oriented' and based on integrity, power and quality, we have obtained the recognition in the industry. Relying on advanced equipment, perfect technology and standard management, we have produced more and more high quality products which are sold well home and abroad, and the customer satisfaction is 100%. We sincerely welcome old and new customers to visit us!